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Common fashion mistakes that guys should stop making

Fashion tips for guys

Fashion mistakes for guys

Fashion is innovative but that is not a green light for you to break even the most basic fashion rules. At least if you care about your image, you will make sure to dress the part and avoid these common mistakes that most guys make:

1. Socks and sandals

No guys, this is wrong. Either choose sandals alone or socks with closed shoes. The combination of socks and sandals simply doesn’t work.


2. Pants that sweep the floor

If you are not sure about your size, then get your trousers tailored. Or if you happen to buy those pants that sweep the floor, take them to the fundi for adjustments. That’s not difficult, is it? And ooh, your pants shouldn’t be too short either.

3. Worn out socks


Ooh no! How much is a pair of socks? Please don’t be that guy.

4. Buttoning your jacket the wrong way

Let’s get this clear once and for all. Only button the upper button of your jacket and leave the lower one alone.

5. Oversize outfits


Oversize pants, shirts, and, jackets are a big no. As we already mentioned, always take your outfits to the fundi for adjustments if you can’t get all your outfits tailored.

6. Wearing a visible undershirt

For those who wear t-shirts underneath the shirt, better make sure it’s not visible. If you want to leave the top buttons of your shirt open, wear a V-necked shirt underneath.

7. Wearing suspenders with a belt


This is a grave fashion mistake that you should never make. The two can never go together.

8. Wrong tie size

Seems like such a small detail but the length of your tie is very important and can change how people view you. To be on the safe side, ensure the tip of your tie isn’t way above your belt buckle or way below it.


9. Wearing the wrong shoes

Know which shoes to wear with your suit, with a short or with your jeans. Also, the shoes should be clean and well taken care of.

10. Too many accessories

Finally, never forget that less is more.


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