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Common menstrual cup myths you should stop believing

Busting menstrual cup myths

Menstrual cup myths (Business Daily)

What’s stopping you from using a menstrual cup? You are probably worried about all the things that might happen if you use one. And, these are only things you have heard people say. But how true are all those things that people say about menstrual cups?

It’s time you stopped believing everything that people say because some of the things that people say about menstrual cups are mere myths that we are going to bust in this article.

Check out these common menstrual cup myths:

1. A menstrual cup will stretch your vagina


The muscles of your vagina are very flexible which is why they stretch back to their normal size even after intercourse. When you press the inner muscles of your vagina, you will feel how soft they are. They can create space for the menstrual cup and will go back to normal once you remove the cup.

2. They cannot be used by heavy bleeders

Anyone can use a menstrual cup whether you experience light or heavy bleeding. They come in sizes and you can also change them often on the days you bleed heavily. Although they can go for up to 12 hours, you may have to change more often depending on how heavy you are bleeding.


3. The menstrual cup will fall when you walk

No ladies, this is not going to happen. So long as you get the right size, you can even exercise and it won’t fall or even leak.

4. The cup will get lost in the vagina


It can only move a little bit higher in your cervix but it’s unlikely that it will get lost in your vagina. If you can’t feel it, it could be because it has moved higher. Try squatting or give it time to fill up with more blood to weigh it down so that you can reach it.

5. Your vagina is too small for a menstrual cup

If your vagina stretches enough to allow a baby to pass through, you can only imagine its stretching powers. So, a menstrual cup shouldn’t give your problems inserting since the insides of the vagina will flex accordingly.


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