Creativity or makeup gone wrong? See photos and be the judge

Interesting makeup looks

Makeup looks

Not everyone is good at doing their makeup. But then, isn't that why we have makeup artists so that we don't walk around with bad makeup? I know DIYs are much cheaper and they also save you lots of time you might have to spend at the salon. Whichever way you go, it's all upon you. Really.

However, if you choose to DIY, make sure you take a few lessons from available tutorials online. So that even if your makeup doesn't come out so perfectly, it won't look so obvious that you are a beginner.

Anyway, that aside. What do you think about these makeup looks? Is it all about art and creativity or cases of makeup gone wrong?

1. Something about the eyebrows - seems like the the curve came out too sharply. Anywho, maybe that's the look she was looking for.

2. Well, well. We have nothing to say about this look. What do you think? A little bit too much maybe?

3. Would you try this makeup look?

4. The eyebrows are something else. I don't understand the look she was trying to achieve.

5. As we mentioned, you are the judge in this case.

6. Let's just say that people can be really really creative or is it experimental?

7. Is this look a yay or nay? Simple eyebrows hahaa!

8. At what occasion would you put on this kind of makeup? Secret tip with makeup is that less is always more.


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