These daily habits are ruining your health

You shouldn’t hold your farts

Sick woman(fibroids)

Some habits seem innocent yet they have negative impacts on your health. And some of them are things we do every day oblivious of the effects.

Check out some of the habits that could be affecting your health unknowingly:

1. Drinking too much water

So what’s the right amount of water? Experts recommend eight glasses each day. However, that may vary depending on factors such as weather, occupation, and BMI. Drinking too much water overloads the kidneys. Your body has a way of telling you when it needs water and while it has had enough. For instance, if your urine is clear, you need to reduce the amounts of water you drink.

2. Holding your farts

It’s gross yet necessary. Some studies show that holding farts could result in bloating and heartburn. Look for a secluded place and get rid of the damn gas.

3. Not washing your face before bed and after workout

You must already know how bad sleeping with a dirty face is. Even if you had no makeup, your face must have gathered dust bacteria and even sweat all day long.

4. Snacking before bed

If you want to enjoy sound sleep, eat some hours before bed. That way, the digestion process won’t interrupt with your sleep. Eating right before bed is also not good for your weight.

5. Staying up late

Inadequate sleep is bad for your skin, weight, concentration among others.

6. Skipping meals

Most people skip meals especially breakfast so as to lose weight. This though affects other aspects of your health and may actually prompt you to eat more.


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