Already a mom or soon to be one? If you are one, have you mastered the art of changing diapers and are you doing it right? It seems like an easy thing to do but the truth is that most moms still make some mistakes that expose their young ones to various risks.

Are you a victim of these common diaper mistakes?

1. Recycling the diapers

Diaper change(Verywell Family)

We are living in difficult economic times but still, your little one deserves better than a recycled diaper. What if the diaper is not soiled? Still, don’t recycle. Looks can be deceiving and even though the diaper doesn’t seem dirty, you sure don’t expect to see bacteria with your naked eyes.

2. Not changing the diaper often enough

If you leave the diaper on for too long, the baby will get diaper rash. Although you don’t have to change the diaper each time they pee, don’t wait for too long. But when it’s poop, you will want to change the diaper soonest possible.

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3. Wiping from back to front

Let it always be from front to backward. This way, you prevent bacteria from getting in touch with the urethra which could cause infections, especially in girls.

4. The wrong size of diaper

Diaper mistakes(CafeMom)

Babies grow very fast and outgrow their diapers. Be keen to change the size of the diaper as the baby grows. A tight diaper will be uncomfortable for the baby making them irritable.

5. Not having everything ready

Preparing for diaper change(Radhika)

Have the diaper, creams, and wipes right beside you when changing the diaper. Babies can move around as you go to fetch the cream and can even fall or injure themselves.

6. Forgetting to wash your hands after a diaper change

Washing hands(oureverydaylife)

Just like it’s important to clean your hands after visiting the bathroom, so it is after changing the diapers. Otherwise, you will spread bacteria to your baby and the other people you live with.