6 convincing reasons why you need to start eating broccoli

It’s good for you

Broccoli(The Spruce Eats)

Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables you should be eating. It’s a powerhouse of nutrients and although most of us do not like vegetables, you might want to reconsider eating broccoli after reading this.

Check out some great benefits of eating broccoli:

1. Fight against cancer

The rate at which people are getting cancer is worrying. Everyone now lives in fear that they may be next to get it. Some studies have shown that broccoli has compounds that reduce the oxidative stress thus preventing certain types of cancers.

2. Eye health

We all know that carrots are good for the health of our eyes. But who would have thought that this cruciferous vegetable is also good for the eyes? Just like carrots, broccoli contains lutein, a nutrient that promotes healthy eyes.

3. Digestion

Broccoli is also rich in fiber which promotes healthy digestion. It prevents constipation and enhances regular bowel movements.

4. Healthy heart

For a healthy heart, your cholesterol levels need to be regulated. Broccoli helps in lowering the cholesterol levels thus keeping your heart healthy. Broccoli also prevents the damage of blood vessels.

5. Healthy bones

For strong and healthy bones, your body needs calcium and Vitamin K. Besides drinking milk, eating broccoli is the other way to get you can get Calcium and other nutrients that contribute to healthy bones.

6. Looking younger

Everyone loves a youthful looking skin. Broccoli has Vitamin C which aids in the formation of collagen laving you with a glowing and youthful looking skin. So each time you think of Vitamin C, don’t just think about citrus fruits.


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