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Great tips on how to get your child to like eating vegetables

Broccoli is not yuck when blended into a yummy juice

Little girl eating healthy (Courtesy)

Nearly every kid hates vegetables. Even us, growing up, we absolutely hated eating vegetables. Up to this day, my brother who is in his 30s never eats carrots. Why do kids really hate veggies? That's simply because they are tasteless and sometimes bitter, because for kids, the taste changes as they grow up. What that means is that you should not give up if your child refuses to eat vegetables; the trick is to keep trying and not to make it a tag of war. Don't force your child to finish a whole plate of broccoli, instead, encourage them to take even three or four spoonfuls. Veggies are important in the development of your child as they provide nutrients that the body needs. Here's how you can get your child to like eating veggies.

1. Take your child with you for grocery shopping and let them pick the veggies they want.

This way, the kid is more likely to eat something he was involved in selecting.

2. Involve the child in the kitchen.


Have the child help in preparing a certain veggie. A simple chore such as washing the veggie will make the child feel involved and they will be more likely ready to eat something they helped prepare.

3. Don't serve the veggies on their own.

No one wants a whole plate of French beans and certainly not your child. Mix up the veggies with other food that your child likes. For instance, you could serve a plate of rice with chicken and then add a few peas or carrots on the side.

4. Play around with colors and patterns.

For instance, you could mix green peas and some carrots. Then, instead of serving them haphazardly, you could make smiley faces or cute food patterns that may lure your child to eat them.


5. You could make the veggies differently.

Try buttering them, cause butter makes everything better, you could also try grilling them in the oven with a little bit of cheese or pan frying them just a little bit, making sure that the texture is still soft enough. Still on this, try serving finger food such as carrots with a healthy dip. You could find different recipes online on how to make healthy dips. Kids love the idea of eating with their hands and dipping the carrot for instance in something.

6. Use peer pressure.

If the neighbour's child is around and loves veggies, feed them when they're together. Your child will probably eat simply because the other kid is eating.


7. Blend and make a nice smoothie.

If push comes to shove, you could always try blending the vegetable or even fruit and make a nice smoothie. A child is more likely to drink a smoothie especially served in a cute bottle and they have no idea what it is or a colorful drink that they think is juice.

8. Set an example.

Monkey see, monkey do. Have your child feed you some carrots and peas for them to see that it's not actually a bad thing.


9. Have pre-cut veggies around the house as a pre-dinner snack.

After school, your child will be hungry and if you have no other snacks in the house, they are likely to have the veggies anyway, especially if it's something like sliced carrots.

10. Avoid junk.

If your child tastes junk from earlier on, they will develop an acquired taste and become a picky eater. What makes you think a child will choose a piece of broccoli over a piece of chicken? Would you? I don't think so, so, cut out the junk.



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