How to spice up and make your home workouts more fun

Stay home and stay fit

Spicing up home workouts (HealthTimes)

If you are working at home, you probably can already feel the impact on your body. With very little movements, you are likely to put on more weight. And since we can no longer join up with buddies and go to the gym, we have to try and stay fit by working out at home.

I know it doesn’t sound as fun as going outdoors for a hike, morning jog with your besties or even the leisure walk you used to take when we all could walk around without fear of getting sick.

To keep your home workouts interesting and fun, consider trying these tips. It won’t feel like a chore, I promise.

1. Dance yourself to fitness

Love to dance? That’s more than enough to keep you fit at home. Dance to your favourite tunes every day and record yourself doing it. You can even go a step further and share it on Tiktok or other social media platforms. The love you will get will keep you encouraged to continue doing it. You will be doing something you love while also keeping fit.

2. Workouts with bae

Workouts are always fun when you pair up with someone. Explore and see what works for you and your partner and start doing it. Make it playful so that it doesn’t get boring.

3. Make it a family affair

If you have little kids, play with them as part of working out. Get a ball and play with them over the weekend. You could even play kids’ games. Your kids will be happy to have you join them and you will in return benefit by keeping fit.

4. Include your toddler in your workouts

Toddlers are curious and they love trying out things. For instance, you could have your toddler lie on your back as you do planks or pushups. You can also allow them to join in your daily workout routine just for the fun of it.

5. Take up a challenge

Challenges keep us on our toes. Take up a challenge online and see how far it will take you. You can team up with friends and share what you do every day. You could start with a week challenge then proceed to a longer period.

6. Get competitive

No one wants to be a loser. Get a workout partner, try something and see who beats who. It could even be your partner or a friend. Set a reward for whoever wins every workout contest.


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