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5 body parts you don’t wash enough

These body parts are easily neglected when showering.

There are however those body parts that we tend to ignore or not pay much attention to when we take a shower.

1.Your belly button

The belly button is one of the most disregarded body parts of the body when it comes to cleaning. Most people may not even remember when they last cleaned their belly buttons.


2.Under your fingernails

Washing your hands after visiting the bathroom will not cut it when washing your hands. Astudy conducted by Aston university in Britain “found that harmful bacteria lurking on 24 percent of men’s nail clippings studied and 15 percent of the women’s clippings”. The worst bacteria found in the nail clippings could cause diarrhea and vomiting.

3.The bottom of your feet

The bottom of your feet requires special attention too. Soak your feet in warm water and scrub them using a pumice stone to get the dead skin off. Massage with moisturizer after.

4.Behind your ears


The back of your ears is a bacteria hot spot. The sebaceous glands are located there and secrete a sebum that keeps your skin moist. That secretion can however start to stink.

5.Your back

The back is easily neglected when showering. It hard to reach every inch of it when scrubbing so running water through it may make seem ideal to wash dirt off.


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