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5 things every expectant woman can learn from Janet Mbugua’s pregnancy

Great info here.

Her most recent pregnancy Q&A was no different.

Her followers got the chance to ask any pregnancy related questions and for any expectant woman out there, it could be a great learning source – or even a relatable experience for those that are already mothers.

Or maybe you’re just nosy and want to know more about her pregnancy – it’s fine. No judgement here.


Here are five things any expectant woman can learn from Janet Mbugua’s pregnancy.

1.Comfort is key

There are a lot of mothers out there that have confessed to experiencing a lot of discomfort during their pregnancy especially when it comes to finding comfortable clothing.

For Janet, her main goal is comfort so whatever feels comfortable, she’s on it – or it’s on her? Whatever, you get the point.

Always make sure you feel comfortable.


2.When having a second baby it is important to include your first born in helping to raise the infant

Janet revealed that her son Huru was very clingy during the initial stages of Janet’s pregnancy as he would always want to be with her.

“I was told the transition may be tricky. The first few months may have a bit of jealousy and it’s good to try and include him in washing the baby and changing the baby as much as possible,” she said.

3.Just because you plan to have a baby, doesn’t mean it will happen overnight

Some women get pregnant within their first try but for others, as in Janet’s case, it may take a little bit of time.


Janet revealed that it took them about 8 to 9 months to conceive.

4.It can get lonely

When posed with the question – What is something you wish someone had told you before pregnancy? – Janet revealed that she wished she had been told that the experience can get lonely sometimes.

“Pregnancy can be an isolating experience.”


At least for Janet it was. She explained saying: “Even though you have friends that may be on the same journey, you find yourself focusing on your own because you are trying to do the best you can.”

It’s not so much that people isolate themselves from you but more in line with the fact that you are on different journeys or experiencing the same journey in different ways.

5.Insurance is very important

In case of any complication – God forbid – with the pregnancy, having insurance will help ease the burden of medical bills.

6.Janet loves her black and she’s not going to change that anytime soon


Well, this isn’t so much of a learning point but we just wanted to include it either way.

She noticed it too and has heard all the requests for more colored outfits but unfortunately there’s no changing that - well she changes it a bit with neutral colours.

P.S: For those who were hoping to know the gender, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for that.


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