Cute Ankara styles that you can rock to church

Utavaa gani ukienda church?

Ankara designs for church (Pinterest)

Are you looking forward to revamping your wardrobe in 2020? Ankara is still on top in the fashion industry and it’s not too late to add some Ankara outfits in your wardrobe. Unlike when kitenge designs were only common for traditional ceremonies such as weddings and ruracios, you can now rock Ankara to work, church and fashion events, just to mention but a few.

On this article, however, we are going to be looking at some of the latest Ankara/kitenge styles that you can wear when going to church. Of course, this is not to say that you cannot wear these outfits to other occasions.

1. If you prefer a more preserved and less revealing look, no harm trying this look. It's also very comfortable for church.

2. Matching ankara dress and head scarf. She nailed the look, didn't she?

3. Because not everyone wears dresses and skirts to church and you can never run out of options with ankara styles.

4. Another perfect style you should try this year.

5. Cute, huh? Simplicity and elegance!

6. Not a lover of dresses? Your other option could be an ankara jumpsuit like the one shown below.

7. There is no denying that this look is one super amazing look and it's a perfect wear for church.

8. An ankara blazer is enough to transform your look altogether yet it's just a simple design we call all try.

9. Isn't this just beautiful?

10. Would you wear this to church?

11. Yay or nay?

12. A touch of ankara on your little black dress (LBD) makes all the difference.

13. When going to church with your bae, then you could pull out this matching design.

14. Keep it simple, classy and decent.

15. When in church, comfort is crucial. This simple wrap dress provides exactly that.


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