5 biggest moisturizer mistakes you're making

Are you making these mistakes when moisturizing?

Achieving smooth and soft skin requires dedicating time to actually tend to the skinAchieving smooth and soft skin requires dedicating time to actually tend to the skin

Following makeup and beauty routines is not always easy. Sometimes we think we have it figured out, but then, we don’t. We constantly make mistakes, some, very subtle, in the sense, we have no idea that we are even making them. Take for example, something as simple as applying moisturizer. What could go wrong, you take your moisturizer, apply on your face as you would any other oil and boom, you’re good to go right? Well, not quite. Matter of fact, here are possible moisturizer mistakes you’re probably making.

1. Not using a moisturizer at all.

Duuuuh. Even if you have oily skin, you need a moisturizer; in fact, not using a moisturizer could be the reason why your skin is oily in the first place, because your skin produces more sebum to compensate resulting in an oily skin. A moisturizer will hydrate the skin and plump it up for a more youthful and radiant look. Not only that, but it also prepares your skin for more irritating ingredients. So, be sure to use a moisturizer at least once a day.

2. Applying the moisturizer too aggressively.

You have to be very gentle when applying the moisturizer, especially around the eyes as that’s a very sensitive area. Tugging on your skin can actually cause wrinkles and sagging skin. When applying moisturizer, use your ring finger when you apply – because it’s a weaker finger, you’re forced to be gentler when you apply. Remember, always apply in an upward motion instead of downward motion.

3. Using a product that’s not right for your skin type.

Now, not every moisturizer works for everyone. You have to look for something that goes hand in hand with your skin type. Many dermatologists say that there’s no prior way to tell if something will work for you or not, you have to simply give several products a try, depending on your skin type, then get your holy grail moisturizer.

4. You don’t let your moisturizer soak in before applying makeup.

If you apply your primer then moisturizer then immediately apply your foundation, you’re doing it wrong. You should give each product a little bit of time, to enable it do its work. Apply moisturizer and wait for a bit before doing your primer (which you also have to wait a bit) before applying your foundation. This will enable your makeup to last longer and stay put, than it would’ve if you applied immediately.

5. You don’t exfoliate enough.

You will never experience the full benefits of a moisturizer if you have a thick layer of dead skin. Be sure to exfoliate at least once or twice a week and cleanse your skin before moisturizing it, to remove any excess dirt and oil. 


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