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Natural hair hacks every girl should know

What other hacks do you know?

Natural hair hacks

Ask any girl with natural hair and she will tell you how tough it can get. There is so much effort you have to put in order to maintain it. Plus, you need more products and enough time to style. Especially if your hair is the kinky type, you got quite some work to do.

Even so, whether you just began your natural hair journey or are planning on being a naturalista in the near future, these hair hacks should make your journey easier:


You already know that you should not rub your hair with a towel to dry it. While covering it with a towel is a good way to dry your hair, a t-shirt does a greater job. Wet hair is very delicate and a T-shirt is thus best to protect your hair.

It’s so much easier to work with sections than having to deal with the whole head. While detangling, divide your hair into four sections and detangle each section at ago. It saves time and you get better results.


If you love conditioning your hair in the house instead of going to the salon, you understand what it means when your shower cap goes MIA. If you still got one of those banned plastic bags in the house, use it to cover your hair after conditioning. Just don’t make the mistake of leaving the house lest you get in trouble with authorities.


I know this is a tricky one but rinsing your hair with cold water does help in sealing in moisture so that your hair doesn’t dry. Hot water opens the pores on your skin hence increasing the chances of moisture loss.

When you run out of conditioner, the solution is right in your fridge. Make a homemade conditioner using raw eggs, bananas, and honey.


Even with good gel, sometimes it’s difficult to lay your natural hair edges in the morning and get the desired results. Do the job at night, use a band to cover them then put on a satin sleeping bonnet when going to bed. In the morning, you will have less work to do and perfectly laid edges.


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