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What the day you were born says about your character

Find out what the day of the week you were born says about your character.

Here’s what the day of the week you were born reveals about your personality.


You tend to be a bit sensitive and emotional but know how to manage your feelings. You are caring and empathetic and are always there for your loved ones.


You are also family oriented and can be considered the ‘mum’ amongst your group of friends.


You are energetic and a go getter. You are goal oriented and have a great work ethic. On the flip side however, you tend to become impatient when things don’t go as you planned.


You are very curious thus tend to question everything.  You are also very sociable and have an easy time having a conversation.


You tend to be all over the place however. You never let anything get to you. You know when to move on when something is not working out.


You are very optimistic. You have an uplifting and motivational nature that people really love and respect about you. You treat people nicely which makes it easy for you to make many friends. Basically, you’re a really nice person.

You have great leadership skills and a fantastic problem solver. You tend to get bored easily and can’t stay still for a long time.



You are creative and artistic. You like the finer thigs in life so a day at the spa is your favorite pass time on the weekend.

You are concerned with what others think of you and that makes you a bit of a people pleaser.


For someone born during the best time for the week, you tend to be very serious and responsible. You are a bit of a perfectionist.

You are very confident in yourself and don’t care about what other people think about you. Your overreliance on yourself tends to make you face difficulties alone thus creative a barrier when it comes to trust.



You are vibrant, positive and generous. You are always willing to help people in need and want people around you to just be happy.

Despite always being surrounded by people, you are an introvert and would rather stay indoors as opposed to going out. You are independent.


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