Quarantine mistakes that might be ruining your skin

Avoid these mistakes

Woman moisturizing(Bauce Mag)

With all the free time you have, this is the time to be creative, try new things and show your skin some love. If you have not been masking and exfoliating, try doing so even if you will be going for natural alternatives.

On top of that, make sure you avoid these mistakes so that by the time quarantine is over, you will come out with better skin:

1. Eating all the wrong foods

It’s surprising how lazy we can get even when we have so much free time such that we end up eating lots of processed foods that are not good for our skin. Always spare some time to make a nice and well-balanced meal for yourself. Your immunity and skin will thank you for it.

2. Forgetting your skincare regimen

So before Coronavirus happened, you had a skincare routine that you followed faithfully but you have since forgotten about it. You need to correct that. Take good care of your skin in the morning and before bed just like you used to do before.

3. Skipping sunscreen

While you might think that you don’t need sunscreen anymore because you are staying indoors, that is not the case. Experts advise wearing sunscreen even when indoors since the sun rays can still penetrate through the windows.

4. Avoiding the sun altogether

Too much exposure to the sun might damage your skin which is why point number three is very important. But, the same sun is beneficial to your skin and your overall wellbeing. Given that your skin was already used to getting some sunlight, avoiding the sun completely may harm your skin. Needless to mention how important the vitamin D we get from the sun is to our bones and immunity.

5. Not hydrating

Now that you are in the house for more hours, what excuse do you have for not drinking six-eight glasses of water a day? For healthy and supple-looking skin, you got to stay hydrated. Remember you can also hydrate through these alternative means.

6. Stressing

Things are difficult yeah, but try to manage your stress. When you are stressed, your skin might react by breaking out. Get enough sleep, listen to music, podcasts or take a walk while things get bad. Never hesitate to reach out for mental health help if things don’t get better.


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