Signs you might be having an eating disorder

People with eating disorders have an increased risk of suicide

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When you see somebody with unusual eating habits, you might think that they are just careless. That they do not care about their health and have chosen to lead that lifestyle. Well, these people do not sit and choose to be what they are. These are people who need help and are trapped in a lifestyle that affects their physical health as well as their mental health.

According to research, people with eating disorders have an increased risk of suicide. If you think a friend or yourself could be having an eating disorder, you should seek help since full term recovery is possible.

Types of eating disorders

There are different types of eating disorders and the signs and symptoms vary depending on which disorder you are suffering from.

Bulimia nervosa

Stereotypes revolving around patients with bulimia nervosa may label them as greedy or people who can’t control their urge to eat. This is because people with this eating disorder tend to eat unusually large amounts of food within a short time. After eating, they feel guilty and try to compensate for what they just did. Some common symptoms of bulimia nervosa include:

Being preoccupied with body weight and shape

Frequent episodes of binge eating

Trying to get rid of what you have eaten in an unhealthy way

Fear of gaining weight after overeating

Induced vomiting

Using laxatives

Excessive exercise to lose weight

Binge eating disorder

Unlike in Bulimia nervosa whereas the episodes of overeating are followed by guilt and wanting to get rid of what you ate, people with binge eating disorder totally lose control over their eating habits. As a result, people with this disorder end up being overweight or obese.

Signs and symptoms of binge eating include:

Eating when you are not hungry

Continuing to eat even after you are full

Eating very fast

Eating until you are uncomfortably full

Being ashamed of your eating habits

Eating in secret to avoid being embarrassed

Anorexia nervosa

Patients with anorexia view themselves as overweight and thus tend to avoid food or choose to stick to certain foods while avoiding others such as carbs. They live in fear of gaining weight and will make very serious and harsh decisions when it comes to food. The results are severe health problems that can eventually lead to death due to starvation.

Some more signs of anorexia include:

Excessive exercise

Limiting your calories excessively

Using laxatives

Efforts to lose weight even when underweight

Constantly monitoring your weight


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