Clever bra hacks that every woman should know

Bra tricks

Bra hacks every girl should know (pulptastic)

Buying a good bra is not an easy task. Once you get a good one, you will want to keep it well so that it can serve you for a while. And since bras are an every-day outfit, these genius hacks will also come in handy:

1. An extender when a bra is too tight

Maybe you bought a bra that is too tight or you have added some pounds and your bra now feels smaller. Instead of doing away with your tight bra, invest in a bra extender to help your band fit more comfortably. It helps especially if you have several bra’s that are too tight since one or two extenders can get the problem fixed.

2. Hide straps when wearing a tank top

When wearing a tank top and you don’t want the straps to show, get a pin and hook the straps together at the back. Easy peasy, huh?

3. Sew in your old bra into your backless dress/top

Backless dresses are sexy until you wear them with an ordinary bra. So that your bra straps don’t ruin your backless dress, sew in an old bra in your backless dress. That way, you won’t need to wear a bra. Just cut put the straps and sew in the cups and the band into your dress.

4. Strap extenders for low-back dresses

For low back dresses, you can either sew in an old bra into your dress like mentioned above or try strap extenders. The strap extenders pull your bra straps lower so that your back is left bare.

5. Convert your ordinary bra into a strapless bra

Yeah, you don’t have to buy a strapless bra if it wasn’t budgeted for. Instead, remove straps from one of your bras and hook them around the band of your bra for extra support.

6. Drying your bras in the right way

If possible, always dry your bras on a flat surface instead of hanging them. If you have to hang them, hook the peg at the middle of the bra so they do not lose elasticity.

7. Dealing with bras that dig into the skin

We all know how uncomfortable it is when your favourite bra digs into your skin until you are left with marks. To prevent this, get silicone pads and place them under the straps. Problem solved!


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