Wigs do’s and don’ts that every girl must know

Wig it till you make it

Wigs do's and don'ts (Amazon)

However, much we would love to always rock our natural hair, not all of us have great hair. So, once in a while, you will want to wear a wig even if it’s for a change of style. Plus, wigs are a great way to protect your hairline and save more on hair.

But like with your natural hair, wigs need good care for them to last and serve you for a longer period. There are also other considerations to always put in mind if you are planning to start wearing a wig. Check out these wigs do’s and don’ts before you make a purchase:

1. Know the difference between human hair and synthetic

Don’t be duped into buying the wrong product. If you do not know how to tell the difference, go with a friend who knows so that you don’t buy a synthetic wig thinking its natural hair. Natural hair wigs are usually more expensive and the quality is better than that of synthetic wigs. They are also handled differently and you will thus need to know how to take care of either that you choose to buy.

2. Try different styles before settling for one

Don’t just choose a certain wig because you saw it on someone and it looked good. Try as many styles as possible before settling on a specific one. You will want to be sure that you will manage to maintain it and that it also suits the shape of your face.

3. Go for a natural look

You do not want to make it so obvious to everyone that you are wearing a wig. Avoid going for outrageous colours and also ensure that the hairline looks as natural as possible.

4. No, you can’t go to sleep with your wig on

Unless you want it to form knots and get tangles, never go to bed in your wig. Besides, your hair needs some time to breathe.

5. Store it on a wig head

When you are not wearing your wig, make sure it’s properly stored. Get a dummy to make sure the cap stays in good shape and to prevent tangling.

6. Don’t buy a cheap wig

Cheap is expensive especially when it comes to wigs. If you want a quality wig, be ready to spend some good amount of money on it. Some wigs will tangle and lose their lustrousness only after a few wears. You would rather pay more for a human hair wig that will last longer.

7. Don’t neglect your wigs

Wash them and condition them with quality hair products for them to retain their quality. Just like your own hair, wigs too, need some love.


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