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5 New Year traditions Kenyans have stuck with

Kenyans often still meet and share meals with friends and family before 'Njaanuary' officially kicks in

Nyama Choma being roasted Photo courtesy

At the stroke of midnight every December 31, Kenyans fill the streets, churches, entertainment joints and other places where they scream their lungs out to usher in the new year.

Fireworks displays and anything that can produce a bang sound are burst then to welcome the new year.

The celebrations continue throughout to the day as the festivities begin to wrap up and 'Njaanuary' kicks in.

Here are some of the other things that Kenyans do during the new year which have now become a tradition;


Be it online or even physically the first greeting by a Kenyan during the new year is ‘ Happy New Year’ and this happens even if you have met the person more than once within a short period.

The greetings will go on until something else significant happens, if nothing happens then it will take Valentines day to take the Happy New year salamus off Kenyans' mouths.

After ushering in the new year, Kenyans share their new years’ resolutions having achieved none from the previous year.


Kenyans would go on and pile more things they intend to do or achieve on top of those they never achieved.

From keeping fit to settling down, the resolutions even get unrealistic and beyond their capabilities.

Do you have any new year’s resolutions?


Like Christmas, the new year always see’s families and friends get together. Here the last proper meals are enjoyed before heading back to the cabbage and sukuma wiki for the rest of January.

The last drinks are shared here and more promises of more get-togethers in between the year are made.

Families that travel to the village for the festivities have their bags ready because they are set to hit the road any moment.


Most of them head back to the city heavily packed with food, after all, there are no farms in the city to till. Usually, the visitors travel back more heavily loaded than they were when arriving.

The Kenyan economy has never been good, at least we have been told that since we were toddlers. The new year is always an opportunity for a section of Kenyans to begin the year on a high note at work.

As others enjoy the last get-together, for some that is the perfect opportunity to check their emails and others rush to clean up their businesses for work to resume.



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