The disgusting reason you should not refill your plastic water bottle

The reason is equivalent to licking a toilet seat...

We have all re-filled our plastic water bottles either once, twice or a million times – it’s not only cost friendly but very eco-friendly, what harm could a plastic water bottle cause?

Well apparently the containers used to re-fill water with contain more germs that those found in a toilet seat.

A study conducted by Treadmill reviews, tested the water bottles used by athletes for a week and the results showed that over 900,000 colony forming units per square centimeter were found on a single bottle – that is more bacteria than what is found in a standard toilet seat.

Of all that bacteria over 55% of the germs found in the water bottle were capable of making you sick.

Aside from that, the chemicals released by frequently released plastic bottles can cause serious health complications such as breast cancer and it can also affect ovulation.

Experts advise that once a plastic bottle is used then you can recycle it and if you must refill it then avoid rinsing them in hot water as it enables chemicals to be released 55 times faster than normal thus proving harmful to your health.


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