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6 ways people use kitchen knives that are actually incorrect

Knives are an integral tool in the kitchen, do you know the correct way to use, clean and store kitchen knives?

Things not to do with your knife (Kitchen Knife Forums)

To avoid accidents and also for your knife to serve you better, there are things you need to avoid doing.

Some of the things we do with our knives reduce their lifespan and you end up having to buy a knife after every short period.

That said, let’s have a look at some of the things you must avoid doing with your kitchen knife:


Guilty? Well, you are not alone. Lot’s of people have the habit of using one knife for so many tasks which are not appropriate.

For instance, the knife you use to cut your vegetables shouldn’t be the same knife you use to break bones or even cut your ugali. Otherwise, you will have to keep on sharpening your knife from time to time which reduces its lifespan.


How many times do you use your knife to cut ugali and leave it unwashed until the following day? Guilty? Food particles with salt and acid may corrode your knife hence reducing its lifespan. So make sure you wash your knife after use and store correctly.

After washing, dry your knife before storage to prevent rusting.


After chopping your vegetables, it seems more convenient to scrape the chopped vegetables into the sufuria using a knife. But this habit will only dull your knife.

Using a blunt knife means you have to apply more pressure when cutting. This means that if you to accidentally cut yourself, it’s going to be so bad.


When sharpening your knife, it produces small pieces of metal that you may not see with your naked eyes. You do not want metal in your food. So, clean it up or wipe your knife with a dishcloth before using it.


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