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5 Guinness World Records likely to never be broken again

While many records are broken there exist a select few that stand as seemingly unattainable milestones, destined to remain untouched

Heaviest aircraft pulled by a man, Kevin Fast,

From the tallest buildings to the fastest runners, Guinness World Records showcases some of the most remarkable achievements in human history.

While many records are broken and redefined with time, there exist a select few that stand as seemingly unattainable milestones, destined to remain untouched for generations to come.

These records, born from extraordinary feats and exceptional circumstances, serve as testaments to the limits of human capability.

Here are some potential Guinness World Records that are likely to never be broken:


In the annals of human stature, one name reigns supreme: Robert Pershing Wadlow. Towering above all, Wadlow, hailing from the USA, reached a monumental height of 2.72 meters (8 ft 11.1 in) in 1940.

His towering presence, surpassing the average adult by at least one meter (3 ft 2 in), demanded an astounding 8,000 daily calories, a feat unmatched in its scale for over 80 years.


Enter Michel Lotito, known as 'Monsieur Mangetout' or 'Mister Eat All', a French performer with a palate for the bizarre.

Awarded for his bizarre culinary exploits, Lotito consumed the inconceivable: glass, and bicycles.

Driven by a rare condition, Lotito's unusual diet defies comprehension and stands as a testament to human adaptability and resilience.


Bobi, the wonder dog from Portugal, defies the constraints of time living up to 31 years old. Having outlived all his peers, Bobi's longevity remains unmatched, a testament to the enduring bond between man and his faithful companion.


From pulling planes to defying the odds, Kevin Fast of Canada embodies the pinnacle of human strength.

With muscles of steel, Fast pulled a colossal aircraft weighing 188.83 tonnes for nearly 9 meters, a feat destined to stand uncontested.

Garry Turner, hailing from the UK, embraces his unique gift with pride. Afflicted with a rare skin condition, Turner boasts the world's stretchiest skin, a feat demonstrated by stretching his stomach skin to a remarkable length of six inches.


These records, etched in the annals of history, stand as enduring monuments to human ingenuity, resilience, and the indomitable spirit that drives us to defy the odds and reach for the stars.


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