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5 reasons why your visa was denied

Five common mistakes most visa applicants make that get their visas denied.

While most people usually meet most of the requirements there is the dreaded interview that every applicant needs to go through – and that’s where most things go downhill.

Here are a few reasons why your visa may have been denied.


1.Insufficient funds

Any embassy would like to know how you intend to fund your trip – inclusive of how you are going to maintain your trip while you are in the foreign country.

This is why they usually require travelers to provide bank statements for the sponsor of the trip. If they feel like you do not have enough money, then it is very easy for them to deny your visa application.

2.You didn't provide enough evidence of ties in your home country

Your visa may have been denied if the embassy felt as though you did not provide enough evidence showing that you will be coming back to your home country.


This is usually shown through a letter from school or ties to your workplace are very necessary in helping you secure a visa.

3. You didn't fill in your visa application forms correctly

Always follow the visa application instructions well. Most embassies are very strict and could turn you back even before you get into the interview room.

If they require your application form to be printed out then make sure you print it out. If they require your application to be filled in in black ink then do just that.

4. You didn't clearly state your intentions for travel


If the interviewer cannot clearly see your reasons for travelling into the country then you can be assured that they are going to deny your visa application.

You have to make sure that you make your intentions of travel clear otherwise you risk your visa being denied. Plus make sure that you are confident during the interview - take it as if it is a job interview.

Prepare in advance so that you do not end up getting tongue tied.

5. Criminal record

Having a criminal record could also lower you chances of being granted a visa.


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