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Inside Gidi Gidi's 4-bedroom maisonette with a fully equipped studio [Photos]

The Radio Jambo presenter's preference for natural light is evident throughout the house, with large windows adorned only with sheer curtains

Gidi's living room

Gidi Ogidi, a name synonymous with the pulse of Radio Jambo's airwaves, has, over the past 16 years, etched his mark not only as an illustrious radio presenter but also as a musician cherished by fans of a bygone era.

Beyond the microphone's reach, Gidi leads a life draped in simplicity and warmth, mirrored perfectly by his four-bedroom maisonette.

Recently, Gidi opened the doors of his residence to Nailantei Kenga from KTN's 'Art of Living', allowing fans a rare glimpse into the world he retreats to after the day's broadcast.

The maisonette, a beautiful embodiment of elegance and homeliness, stands as a testament to Gidi's love for family, reading, and academia.


Stepping into Gidi's living room, one is greeted by the harmony of simplicity and class.

The choice of furniture, with its elegant design and neutral colors, complements the room's airy ambiance, highlighted by the large windows dressed in sheer curtains—a preference of Gidi's, as he eschews the conventional choice for heavier drapes.


Prominently displayed photos, including a cherished snapshot of Gidi and his daughter in Paris, narrate tales of love and memorable journeys, gifts from fans that have found a special place in his home and heart.

Gidi's kitchen and dining area mirror the rest of the home's aesthetic, blending beauty with functionality—a space where meals are made. His dining area is also simple with beautiful furniture.


However, it's in the corners of his mini podcast studio and library where Gidi's passions come to life.

An ardent reader and a Strathmore Business School alumnus, Gidi's collection of academic books reveals a relentless pursuit of knowledge.

This love for media and education is further exemplified in his in-house mini podcast studio, a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft.


In keeping with the home's theme, Gidi's bedroom is a sanctuary of simplicity, boasting wooden floors—a distinct choice from the tiled floors elsewhere, a king-size bed, and ample wardrobe space, ensuring comfort and serenity.

The sheer-curtained windows continue, inviting natural light while offering privacy.


The residence's exterior is no less inviting. Gidi's garden, capable of hosting up to 50 guests, is a lush, green space favored by his international friends for gatherings under the sky.

Gidi Ogidi's home is more than just a house; it's a reflection of the man himself—simple yet sophisticated, grounded yet aspiring.

Through its spaces, one can glimpse the essence of Gidi: a family man, a lover of knowledge, and a beacon of warmth and elegance.


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