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Inside Isaac Mwaura's Sh30M 6-bedroom mansion with waterfall [Photos]

Never seen before pictures of Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura's house

Isaac Mwaura's Sh30M 6-bedroom mansion

Nestled in a serene suburban setting, the home of Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura stands as a testament to classic architectural beauty and interior luxury.

Mwaura recently opened his doors to KTN's Art of Living show with Nailantei Kenga to offer Kenyans a rare glimpse into his private 6-bedroom residence, showcasing a blend of stately design and personal comfort.

The former senator spent a pretty penny to construct the house in 2014.


From the outside, the house has a distinct and elegant design, featuring a mix of architectural styles.

The roofing is a green, pitched style with multiple gables and dormer windows that bring natural light into the upper floors.

A significant feature of the house is the round, turret-like structure with a conical roof and a balcony that wraps around it, which is connected to the main building.

The exterior walls are a blend of exposed stone on the lower sections and what appears to be stucco or a similar material on the upper levels, painted in a creamy beige color.


Each level has multiple windows, some with arches, contributing to the overall character of the house.

The front yard is well-manicured with lush green grass and neatly trimmed bushes.

There's a driveway leading to what appears to be a garage with two doors, suggesting space for multiple vehicles.

The house, whose construction cost Sh30 million also features a beautifully crafted artificial waterfall, a tranquil addition to the garden area of the home.

This waterfall is constructed from a carefully arranged pile of natural stones, over which water cascades down multiple levels, creating a soothing, melodic sound of flowing water.


The interior of the house features a spacious living area with an opulent and cozy atmosphere.

The room is illuminated by an elaborate ceiling light fixture, imported from China, that adds a touch of luxury, complemented by additional lighting from wall sconces.

The walls are adorned with stone cladding, which adds texture and a rustic charm to the space, and there's a large flat-screen television.


A plush blue velvet sectional sofa serves as the focal point for seating, inviting relaxation and socializing, accompanied by a patterned armchair that adds an eclectic touch.

In the center of the room is a glass-top coffee table resting on a textured area rug that anchors the space.

There are personal touches throughout the room, including family photos, artwork, and decorative items displayed on the cabinetry and walls.

The room transitions smoothly into a dining space, indicated by a reflective black surface that could be a sideboard or part of a dining set.


Large windows draped with sheer curtains allow for natural light to fill the room, enhancing the warmth and welcoming ambiance.

The kitchen features a classic and functional design. The cabinetry is traditional in style with cream-colored doors and decorative handles, complemented by what appears to be a mosaic tile backsplash in muted tones that adds texture and visual interest to the space.

The countertop hosts an array of kitchen appliances and utensils, indicating an active culinary space.


There's a gas range with an oven, and above it, a stainless steel range hood, which is essential for ventilation.

The kitchen seems well-equipped and maintained, designed for efficiency and comfort during food preparation and cooking.

The spiral stair case transitions to another area of the house, possibly a family or entertainment room, characterized by warm tones and comfortable leather furnishings.


This creates a cozy and inviting ambiance. In the room, there's a dark, luxurious leather sofa set comprising a three-seater, a two-seater, and a single-seater with a unique modern design.

A glass coffee table with a black base is positioned in front of the sofas, providing a surface for drinks, books, or decorative items.

A built-in shelving and cabinet unit occupies one wall, offering ample storage and display space.

On it, there's a flat-screen TV, surrounded by various personal items, including photographs, indicating a space that's well-used for relaxation and family gatherings.


Isaac Mwaura home gym setup, indicating a space dedicated to fitness within the house. There's a variety of exercise equipment suggesting a focus on both cardiovascular and strength training.

In the foreground, we see an exercise bike, which is a standard piece of equipment for cardio workouts. Next to it is a treadmill, allowing for walking or running indoors regardless of the weather.

Behind these, there’s a multi-gym machine equipped with a weight stack and various stations for different strength exercises, like chest presses and leg extensions. This kind of setup is versatile for a full-body workout.


The room has large windows draped with sheer curtains, which along with the tiled floor and light wall color, contribute to a bright and airy atmosphere conducive to physical activity.

The space also seems to serve multiple purposes; we can see a punching bag for boxing workouts, and in the corner, there appears to be a storage area with red fabric, possibly for storing additional workout equipment or accessories.

Overall, the room is set up to provide a functional and motivational environment for maintaining a healthy lifestyle within the comfort of home.


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