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Jalango's boys club flexes on Subaru boys with their fleet of Range Rovers

Jalang'o shows how successful his close friends are, capturing their fleet of Range Rovers.

A collage of Jalang'o

Naivasha is abuzz with activities about the WRC Safari Rally as Kenyans flock to get a glimpse of the adrenaline-packed event.

Lang'ata MP Jalang'o has expressed his excitement about attending the event alongside his Boys Club.

He took to his Instagram to flex how successful his boys club is, capturing a fleet of parked Range Rovers.

A road trip is only good when all your boys are winning,” Jalang’o captioned the video.


Naskia mnakuja vasha na maSubaru,” he added in a shot at fans of Subaru.

The MPs close friend SamK went on to take another jab at Subaru drivers “All packed…Subaru boys, kaeni kando.

The term "Subaru boys" is often used to refer to a group of young car enthusiasts who have a particular interest in Subaru vehicles.


These individuals are known for their love of modifying and customizing Subaru cars, as well as participating in car meets, rallies, and other automotive events.

The Subaru boys community is often characterized by their shared passion for Subaru vehicles, especially models like the Subaru Impreza WRX and Subaru WRX STI, which are known for their performance capabilities and rally heritage.

They may engage in activities such as upgrading their cars' engines, enhancing their appearance with aftermarket parts, and engaging in spirited driving on public roads or closed circuits.


On the other hand, Range Rovers are associated with a refined lifestyle. The SUVs are renowned for their luxurious features, exquisite craftsmanship, and high-end materials.

Owning a Range Rover is often seen as a symbol of prestige, wealth, and success.


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