According to a 2013 research, Kenya has one of the highest abortion rates with every three in five Kenyan women procuring abortions being married.

More and more married women within the country are opting for abortions and according to a report by the World Health Organization, more than 70 percent of married women get abortions due to maternal responsibilities of motherhood and abstract expectations of parenting.

Here are some of the reasons why married women in Kenya are getting abortions.

1.They got pregnant out of extramarital affairs

They might have stepped out of their marriage for one reason or the other and ended up getting pregnant.

In order to steer clear of the drama that would inevitably ensue form it, they choose to get an abortion to avoid it.

2.Their careers and businesses have just taken off

According to the 2013 research done by the Kenya Medical Education Trust (KMET) and IPAS, some married women opt for abortions because of their careers and businesses.

Having a baby at that time would stall their growth in their careers at that time so they choose to have an abortion instead.

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Some women have gotten babies out of forceful wife inheritance traditions.

This may not sit well with some of these married women because some of them are opposed to the marriage thus resenting having a child with their current husband.

4.They are simply not ready for a baby

Some married women have found themselves in a predicament where they are simply not ready for a baby in their marriage – this can go both ways however as in some cases the man may also not be ready for a child.

For some of these couples, deciding to have the baby and ‘figuring it out’ later on is simply not the best option for them so they opt to terminate the pregnancy.

5. Living standards

Finances play a big role when it comes to the number of children a couple wishes to have.

Some couples opt for abortions simply because their financial situations cannot allow them to have another child.

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6.Resentment towards their cheating husbands

Some married women have found themselves pregnant, while aware or suspecting that their husbands are cheating.

Due to the resentment towards their husbands and the feeling of not wanting to raise a child in such a situation, they instead terminate the pregnancy.