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Mulamwah reveals millions he has spent on nearly finished 2-storey mansion

Mulamwah opens up about the cost of his house & the phase that nearly drained him money


Digital content creator David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, has opened up about the amount he has invested in the construction of his Kitale mansion

During a Q&A session on his Instagram on August 24, Mulamwah displayed images of his expansive mansion, providing a glimpse of its progress so far.


Answering a curious fan who wanted to know the amount he had invested in his house, Mulamwah openly replied that he has spent Sh8.5 million on the ongoing construction.

"Sh8.5 million... tunakaribia finali kuimaliza (we are almost coming to an end finally)," Mulamwah said.


According to the businessman, the two-storey mansion is just something modest befitting a Luhya man.

"Kitu simple tu ya mlunje (Just something simple for a Luhya)," he said.

When questioned about how many cars he has, Mulamwah revealed that he doesn't own any car at the moment and prefers to use public transportation.

"None, msee wa ma3 tu (I am a public transport kind of guy)," he said.


When asked about whether it's better to buy a car or a house first, Mulamwah highlighted that the decision really depends on how much money someone has and what their priorities.

"Hii swali ni kama ya Messi or Ronaldo haiishangi! What I know ni eti pesa iko na uses mob and people have different preferences. Fanya what you like na pesa yako bora usitumie vibaya hiyo pesa.

(This question is like asking Messi or Ronaldo who is better! What I know is that money is available, and people have different preferences. Do what you like, but it's better to use it wisely)," the comedian wrote.


Mulamwah first shared his plans of building a house in June 2022. He took to his Instagram stories to showcase the early stages of the construction, when the house was still at the foundation stage.

During this update, Mulamwah highlighted the considerable expense involved in laying the foundation. He drew attention to the fact that the cost of the foundation alone was equivalent to the price of a quality car.

The comedian joins a long list of other celebrities who are engaged in the construction of their homes or that or their parents.


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