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Mulamwah addresses TikToker Chira, talks career rebranding & retirement

Social Media sensation Mulamwah opens up about beef with Brian Chira and shift in career focus

Kenyan content creator/comedian Kendrick Mulamwah

Popular Kenyan content creator, Mulamwah, has responded to TikToker Brian Chira with humility after a recent incident at the Kenya National Theatre.

In an interview with Eve Mungai on Monday July 10, Mulamwah clarified that he doesn't have a personal problem with Brian Chira, but rather takes issue with the activities of Chira and other young TikTokers, especially during nighttime.

"Mimi sikua na issue na Chira, issue niko nayo ni wewe jikalishe, jikalishe kam mtu mwenye heshima, kwa sababu kuonekana na mimi ama wewe... hivo ndo itanipaint huko outside kwa watu nawa impact," Mulamwah said.


Mulamwah emphasized the need for the younger generation to learn and grow, particularly in terms of using their fame to benefit themselves and the wider community.

While acknowledging his own influence, he stressed the importance of maintaining respect and humility, urging others to do the same.

The father of one told Chira and fellow TikTokers to use their platforms positively, focusing on personal development and making a positive impact on society.


"Ukisema you're famous, hiyo fame ikusaidie wewe na watu wa kwenu, usikuje kuturingia... Tunakuheshimu vile uko, lakini wewe pia tuheshimu vile tuko. Its a free world fanya kitu unataka, lakini pia achana na watu wafanye kile wanataka," he said.

Mulamwah expressed a shift in his own priorities, noting that his main focus is now on financial stability and the well-being of his true fans.


He emphasized that his current goal is not to chase trending topics or fame but to concentrate on his work and connect with his dedicated fanbase.

The content creator highlighted the importance of quality over quantity and the desire to nurture genuine connections with his supporters.

With age comes change, and Mulamwah acknowledged the evolution of priorities and mindset that comes with time.

"I think with age pia people change. Unapata priorities zinabadilika. Mimi sahi nasonge na the real fans," he said.


He mentioned his desire to step back from the online frenzy and avoid unnecessary drama. Mulamwah recognized the transient nature of the internet and the burdens it can bring, leading him to reevaluate his approach.

"Right now is the moment that am making most money. Mi its not about being powerful, it's about mimi naenda na nini home. Am no longer about hizo matrendings. Nikitaka kutrend naeza trend daily.

"It's a choice i can make because niko na followers kila mahali but its a choice i choose no to make . Mimi nataka tu nipige kazi yangu," he said.


He expressed plans to nurture the next generation and announced his intention to reinvent himself as a 'new Mulamwah,' creating fresh and improved content.

"Mi hukua na ile target manze wacha ningangane nipige hizi shughuli, nimalize kakeja nijishikie kagari, hawa wasee hawatahi niona.

"Ntafungua tu ma pseudos zangu nikuwe tu fan kama wengine. Singependa kukuwa huko kabisa mpaka nizeeke because hi internet unaeza kufa haraka sana. Its so much burden, kwanza mind," he said.


Mulamwah shared his plans to focus on special performances for his loyal fans before transitioning into a new phase of Mulamwah entertainment.

"Plans nimob, kwanza ni kunurture hiyo generation inakuja. Kitu ya kwanza ni kujireinvent, kucome up kama Mulamwah mpya, content mpya and better.

"Ntaperformer mafans wangu specials za Mulamwah kama tatu hivi , alafufrom hapo sasa tufocus on Mulamwah entertainment of which tutakuwa tunabadilisha jina pia," he said.

This shift will involve a change in his stage name, reflecting his evolving approach and growth as an entertainer.


Mulamwah aims to nurture upcoming talents while also ensuring his own personal and professional development.


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