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One who'll allow me to cheat peacefully - Peter Salasya on his ideal type of lady

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya opens up about being 'lonely at the top', sheds light on his tendency to close his eyes while speaking, and outlines his ideal partner for marriage.

Peter Salasya

Mumias East Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya, has recently shared insights into his favorite song, 'Lonely at the Top,' by Asake.

Despite his role as a lawmaker, Salasya is known for his humorous demeanor and often engages with fans on various topics, including his personal preferences.

In response to questions about whether he feels 'lonely at the top,' Salasya explained why he resonates with the song.


He praised its profound message, emphasizing that it conveys the idea that one can achieve success while acknowledging the challenges that come with it.

Salasya's humor extended to discussions about his personal life, particularly his views on marriage and relationships.


He expressed his intentions to embrace polygamy, jokingly mentioning his plans for three wives.

However, he emphasised the importance of finding a partner who respects his boundaries, particularly regarding privacy and communication.

"Issue ya marriage pia ni ngumu. I'll be a polygamous obsviously. I'll have three wives. When I want to marry, number one asinipimie na number tu akubali kukaa home. Asiangalie simu yangu. Nilikuwa na mwingine akapiga simu yangu ya elfu mia tatu ikapasuka. Aliona message. Messages zitaingia tu,

"So you want a woman who'll allow you to cheat peacefully?" Obinna asked Salasya to which he answered with a yes.

"Peacefully! Huyo ako sawa. atakula kitu anataka na yule atanipimia ntamhepa," he said.


The MP outlined his criteria for an ideal partner, emphasising the importance of domestic compatibility and traditional values.

He expressed a preference for someone who enjoys home-cooked meals and is comfortable with indigenous dishes like 'mrere,' 'kunde,' and 'sukuma.'


Additionally, he emphasised the need for mutual respect and non-violence in the relationship.

"Also, I dont want someone violent. Nikimkosea heri aninyamazie lakinini asinieke kofi. Asinipigie kelele. Wa kunipimia ntamhepa. Apende nyumbani. Apike vitu za kienyeji tu kama mrere, kunde na sukuma na vitu kama managu na samaki," he said.

Salasya addressed his habit of closing his eyes while speaking, attributing it to a strategic approach to communication and shyness.


"Disability is not inability na unafaa ujue hadi wewe kuna kitu unique uko tu nayo... every word you speak to the public wana analise so you must be very strategic. You cannot just peak anything. Pia siangaliangi watu nikiongea coz nakuanga shy," he said.

He highlighted the importance of being mindful of one's words, especially in the public sphere, where every statement is scrutinised.


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