5 strange cravings women have during pregnancy

They're very weird...

Hormonal changes and nutrients deficiency during one’s pregnancy can cause women to crave the strangest of things; it does not necessarily have to be food cravings only but smells also seem to affect pregnant women in one way or another.

Studies have shown that pregnancy cravings can range from sweet, salty foods to spicy, sour foods with sweet foods being the most craved.

No judgment to the pregnant women of course but some of these cravings are downright strange.

1.The smell of bleach

2.The smell of petrol or paraffin

3.Chewing stones (Mawe)

4.The smell of liquid soap for washing dishes

5.Eating charcoal

It is important to note though that some of these pregnancy cravings do have health implications for a pregnant woman and if women do experience such cravings they should try to avoid them as much as possible.

Some of the complications that could occur from indulging these cravings include lead poisoning or intestinal blockage due to chewing on non-food things such as stones or charcoal.

Some solutions to satisfying some of these cravings is to exercise while pregnant, choosing healthy snacks and ensuring that you have a food plan so that you get all the necessary nutrients in your body.


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