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For happy couples only: 5 suggestions for fun Christmas traditions

Christmas traditions can be made around religious beliefs, family, or even folklore you enjoy, there is no reason why a couple can't form their own traditions around the holidays.

A couple enjoying time together at Christmas [Credit: Ekaterina Bolovtsova]

The widely accepted and practiced norm for holidays is spending time around family and friends and most times this leaves very little room for couples to spend time with their significant other.

Often, cracks within a relationship will be amplified during the holidays. You're likely to notice certain aspects of your partner's personality that otherwise go unnoticed.

It is not unusual for partners to even choose to spend the holidays away from each other when they know that the process of organising travel or meeting certain family members may bring up unnecessary arguments.

For the happy couple, the holidays present an opportunity to focus on the relationship without the constriction or interruptions of daily schedules. It can be a pocket of time when the relationship comes first and everything else second.


By forming your own Christmas traditions as a couple, these can be something you look forward to every year and they can be as elaborate as you'd like. Here are some suggestions to start off your list of couple Christmas traditions:-

A fun and easy-to-do tradition is getting to know each other through dates. Draw some inspiration from the "The 12 Days of Christmas" and accompany each date with a unique gift for your partner.

You could also decide to visit 12 romantic places each day or do 12 fun activities together in that time. Feel free to run with the idea to also inspire 12 new (or naughty) things you can try in the bedroom.


If you can't take more than a few days together, then having an annual tradition around a movie, music, a play or other form of entertainment can be a good tradition.

You can, for example, agree to watch a certain movie you both enjoy every year on Christmas day and prepare snacks or a special meal for this. If you don't have a movie you can watch together then the tradition can be having a list of a few movies chosen beforehand and having a movie marathon.

Christmas time can also be a great time to look back on the year you've had together and coming up with some reflections around the challenges you faced and overcame, goals you had set together, or even the state of your relationship.


You can make time to also set new goals for the coming year. Alternatively, you can make a tradition of exchanging letters on Christmas, the letter can include some of the best moments you've shared that year, appreciation for your partner and good wishes for the season.

If you have a favourite destination, you can make a tradition out of travelling there for Christmas every year. To make it interesting every year, you can both get a sexy gift for each other to exchange while you're there.

A fun trip can also be inviting your favourite couple friends or a new couple every year to spend the holidays with.


Well, if you're going to have the place all to yourselves then you might as well get it on. You can have a Christmas tradition that involves sexy surprises for each other.

Naughty couple game cards can help you to get things going or give you fun ideas to try. You could also recreate some of the most passionate times you've had together or suggest kinky things you'd like to try.


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