According to a rather unsettling discovery, the more someone cheats and lies about it, the less guilty they feel about cheating so they keep cheating.

Apparently there’s a certain emotion at the center of people’s brains known as amygdala that basically gives a weaker negative response whenever a cheater lies.

“With serial cheaters, it could be the case that they initially felt bad about cheating, but have cheated so much they’ve adapted to their ways and simply don’t feel bad about cheating any more. Another possibility is that they never felt bad about cheating to begin with, so they didn’t need adaptation to occur, they were comfortable with it from the get-go,” co-author of the study, Neil Garret was quoted by Elite Daily.

The worst part about cheating is if someone keeps doing it over and over again to someone and some of the reasons why they keep doing it are pretty interesting.

1.They want to break up

Some people don’t see the need to stop cheating if they are eventually going to break up with the person.

Cheating could also be seen as a way for some people to provoke their partners to break up with them – don’t know what ever happened to having a simple conversation with them.

2.Don’t want to miss out

Remember that childish statement that if you ever cheated on your partner with a certain celebrity they should forgive you because it was some once in a lifetime kind of opportunity?

Well similar logic can apply to cheaters. They keep cheating because they have some weird case of FOMO if they don’t. For instance if the person is very attractive so you cheat with that person so that you never have to wonder about how being with them would be.

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3.Not feeling appreciated

One of the common reasons why someone cheats is because they might not feel appreciated in their relationship.

If someone else gives them that attention and makes them feel more appreciated then they will cheat.

4.Sexual incompatibility with their partner

Some cheaters keep cheating if they don’t have similar sexual desires with their partners.

If there is someone out there that will provide that for them then they may choose to take up that offer.


Cheaters go in search for that feeling that excited them when they were in love and if they find it in someone else then chances are they will take it.

6.They are not in love anymore

People can fall out of love but this should not be confused with them not loving their current partner.

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7.They are not cut out for monogamy

Monogamy is just not cut out for everyone.

If you have constantly been cheating in your long term relationships then chances are that you may simply not be a monogamous person and it may be time to step back and re-assess your relationships.