Cute and classic baby names that mean 'God'

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Are you looking for a name to give your baby? Most names have meanings and you should ensure you choose a name with a good name for your baby. For instance, if you believe in God, you can choose a name that means 'God'.

Have a look at this list made of baby names that mean 'God':

Baby girls names that mean 'God'

1. Joanna - variation of 'Johanna', means God is gracious

2. Betsy - from Elizabeth, means pledged to God

3. Betina - From Elizabeth

4. Betty - diminutive of Elizabeth

5. Eliana - My God has answered

6. Dinah - God will judge

7. Elise - from Elizabeth

8. Gabrielle/Gabriella - God is my strength

9. Tanaquil - gift of God

10. Zelma - God helmet

11. Libby - from Elizabeth

12. Shauna - God is gracious

Baby boy names that mean 'God'

1. Zephan - God has hidden

2. Nilo - God is my judge in Spanish

3. Marius - the god of war

4. Ivan - God is gracious

5. Israel - one who struggles with God

6. Giovanni - God is gracious

7. Emmanuel - God with us

8. Gabriel - God is my strength

9. Elias - Jehovah is God

10. Ariel - lion of God

11. Adriel - God is my master


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