Just when we thought we’d seen all the cute engagement shoots there are to see, here comes one more.

It isn’t uncommon to have kids involved in an engagement shoot. In fact, it makes engagement shoots – especially the surprise ones – that much more special.

This couple took it a notch higher and when the man went down on his knees, so did their daughter.

The man was holding the engagement ring while the daughter was holding a crown for what we assumed was meant to symbolize that the mum is the queen of the home – it is open for interpretation though.

Check out the cute photos below:

1.He went down on one kne and so did their daughter

2.Their daughter checking out the ring. We imagine she said "Yeah, daddy did good"

3.Practicing holding her veil in preparation for the wedding maybe

4. Lover's gaze

5.They kept it casual in this pic

6.Cute way to announce an engagement