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Could your man be testing you? Here’s how to know

Guys, have you ever tested a lady?

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However cliché it sounds, there are men who still test women in the 21st century! Can you even imagine that?

When a man tests you, it doesn’t really mean that he doesn’t like you. By testing you, he wants to know the feelings you have towards him or just know you better.

So, how do you know if a man is testing you? Relationship coach Dr. Antonio Borrello shared some common ways in which men test women.

Check out some of them below:


1. Testing your jealousy

A man could test your jealous by literally flirting with other women in your presence. I know this sucks. But according to this expert, the man is simply testing to see how you are going to respond to his behavior. A man also flirts to know if you love and care about him. Because if you are jealous, then you love him.

Antonio advises that when a man does this, ignore him and show no reaction at all. This way, he will think you are not so into him and will thus put more effort to win you over.

2. The loyalty test


Men will test you in various ways to see if he can trust you. Specifically, he wants to know that you are a woman that will not be easily seduced or flattered by other men who may be more handsome, richer or of a higher social status than him.” Says Borrello.

Some men will for instance, go as far as having their male friends flirt with you just to see how you respond. When he does this, he is testing to see if you are honest enough to tell him what really happened.

3. Testing whether you have a life


No man wants a woman without a life of her own because she will not only be clingy but also dependent. When a man clearly knows you have other plans and calls to ask you to change your plans just to be with him, he is testing to see whether you have a life.

You should go on to enjoy your hobbies and hang out with your friends as you used to before you met this man. Otherwise, the man will assume you have no values and you can always be swayed to any direction.

4. Value and self-respect test


A man will only respect you if you value and respect yourself. For instance, how do you react when a man disrespects you?

“The way you handle his behavior is going to set the precedence for your relationship. It’s important to maintain your composure and your temper. Despite the fact that your blood may be boiling, don’t go there with him. Don’t lose your cool, don’t go crazy and get angry and start shouting. Instead, calmly ask him if it’s okay for him to talk to you in that manner. You must show him with your actions that you will not tolerate his disrespectful behavior.” Advises Antonio Borrello.


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