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You don’t have to get married and it’s totally okay

It’s your life and you get to make the choices


Tick tock! Tick tock! Time is running out and age is catching up with you. The wedding bells should already be ringing. At least that’s what we have been brought up to believe. That you must get married before a certain age. Or, you will lead a miserable life in your old age.

Listen, you only live once and life is yours to live. And, you actually don’t have to get married to be happy or be complete.

You can be single and happy


Truth be told, marriage is not for everyone. There are married people who’ll candidly confess that marriage sucks. But the reason it sucks could be because they are with the wrong person or it’s just not their thing but they never realized it early enough. Likewise, there are happily married couples and happy bachelors and spinsters.

Isn’t happiness what we strive to get? Well, I know you/people might think that not getting married is a selfish thing because you need to get kids. But again, even having kids is not for everyone. And even if you want kids, they don’t have to be biological. So, if you are getting married fast or giving in to pressure to get married just for kids, you don’t have to. If taking care of kids is what you think will give you satisfaction, you can adopt, start a children’s home, help raise your nieces and nephew or mentor a child.

Marriage is a choice


Getting married is a choice you only get to make once. So you better make it wisely. If it’s your thing and you really want it, go for it. What I don’t understand is why friends, relatives, and neighbors you hardly know would pressure anyone to get married. Who even told them that you want to get married in the first place? Maybe all you want is to get a camera or a pet and travel the world – which is totally okay.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment

You get married today because you want to earn the respect that comes with marriage but once it gets rocky, you will be on your own. The very people who pushed you to get a partner will be the first to question your inability to handle marriage.

Bottom line? Though shall not bow down to pressure to get married if you are not ready to commit! Your aunts will talk, some will even question your sexuality, but you are the only person who knows what you want.



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