Why wives keep secret bank accounts

Here are four reasons why wives may want to keep a secret bank account from their husbands.

For some women however, some things are better kept secret and one of those things is having a secret bank account.

You love and trust your husband completely so it kind of beats logic to want to start keeping such a huge secret from him but these four reasons could give an idea why they do so.

1.Back up plan

Just in case things go left in the marriage, there is need to make sure that they have a back-up plan. They are leaving the marriage knowing that they will be fine and can keep themselves afloat after the separation.

2.Rainy day

For some women, their having a secret bank account is for the greater good. Just in case something happens along the way and their husband, who may be the bread winner, is not able to provide for the family, they can use that secret money during that time.

How they will explain to their husband about the secret bank account though is a totally different story.

3.Selfish reasons

It is possible that some wives would just like to keep some money to themselves and spend it on themselves alone.

4.They don’t want to be in a predicament where their men spend their hard earned money on side pieces.

First of all, disrespectful.

Secondly, if a man, God forbid, has a side chick then he should use his own money on her.

His extra-curricular activities have nothing to do with his wife’s hard earned money – this is not to encourage any form of infidelity by the way.


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