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5 signs that a girl is just wasting your time

It may be time to move on.

Millennials and this thing called love.

For whatever reason they get with someone they know they won’t give the littlest part of themselves to but still choose to string them along.

Here are 5 signs that a girl is just wasting your time.

1.She is always making you feel guilty


Every time she feels like you are pulling away from her, she finds a way to reel you back in and make you feel sorry for trying to get some answers on the way forward for your relationship.

2.Excuses galore

They have every type of excuse up their sleeve. Every time you try to meet up with her she always has an excuse why she can’t.

3.She takes forever to text/call back

You could stay an entire week without even getting a ‘hello’ text back from them. The worst part is if you meet them somewhere and they act like they did nothing wrong.


4.She’s only interested in you when it benefits her

If you suddenly start receiving calls from her asking you for favors and she hasn’t spoken to you in what seems like forever then she’s probably just wasting your time and using you.

5.She acts like two different people when the two of you are/aren’t together

When you’re alone, the two of you are inseparable but when you’re together she acts like she doesn’t even know you. She’s wasting your time.


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