Avoid these mistakes when meeting your lover's parents for the first time

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So it’s finally time to meet your partner’s parents. Congratulations for coming this far – not all relationships get to that level you know.

While preparation is key, how you carry yourself on that very day is even more important. As they say, you will have a second chance to create your first impression. Better create the best first impression.

These are people you don’t know so well and even a slight mistake can cost your relationship with your fiancée and the future in-laws.

Be sure to avoid these mistakes:

1. Being late

Whether you are meeting them in a restaurant for lunch or at their home, never show up late.

2. Showing up empty-handed

Your partner might insist that it’s okay to go empty-handed and you shouldn’t really worry. Don’t pay attention to that. Buy a gift but it shouldn’t be a very expensive one. You don’t want it to appear like you are trying to buy their acceptance.

3. PDA

The parents already know that you are in love. Spare that kiss for another time but don’t do it in the presence of the parents. You don’t even have to walk while holding hands around them. 

4. Getting glued to your phone

It’s rude! Some manners, please.

5. Watching others work

After lunch or dinner, at least help in clearing the table. Don’t just sit there and watch people do things.

6. Keeping all silent

Contribute to the conversation and ask relevant questions. You don’t have to be too chatty but don’t be dead silent either.

7. Faking it

Parents can know when you are telling a lie or faking things. And if they sense that you are acting up to win their trust, you will end up losing it.

8. Being a know it all

Even if you are an expert in a certain area, please keep it cool. Don’t let it seem like you know everything better than everyone else.


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