Relationship habits we should not carry to 2020

A new year with new habits

So we are all glad that 2019 is finally coming to an end. However, as we celebrate and usher in the new year 2020, there are things we need to stop doing. Not just because they are annoying but also because we want 2019 to be a better year for us all.

Wondering which are these things we are talking about? Well, if you have been notorious for doing these things in relationships, please be a better person in 2020 and change for good:

1. ‘Kukula fare’

Now, ladies, this is for you (and for the few weird guys who do it). Kenya as a country is going through tough economic times already. Why make it so hard for the other person by ‘eating the fare’? Well, maybe this is not convincing enough. But how about you tell a guy you are not interested rather than showing interest while your interest is only in their hard-earned penny? I want to believe that no girl over 24 years does this. But if you do, please leave this habit in 2019.

2. Social media drama

We have seen and heard enough relationship dramas in 2019. For instance, you probably followed Terence and Milly’s drama as it unfolded on Instagram. I believe there are better ways to solve problems instead of exposing your friends or even your partner or ex on social media.

3. Forcing love

Love is truly a beautiful thing. But it becomes the ugliest thing while it’s one-sided and you try to make the other person love you back. It doesn’t work that way, guys. If someone does not love you, it doesn’t mean that nobody will ever do. Just walk away and stop threatening or hurting those who have no feelings for you.

4. Lying about your relationship status

We are tired of this bad habit and we hope that people stop lying about their status come 2020. If you are married, be proud of it. Don’t lie that you are single and put innocent people in unnecessary situations.

5. Getting into a relationship with the wrong motive

How many times have you gotten into a relationship because you simply want to forget your ex or all you wanted was sex or money? That’s wrong. At the beginning of the relationship, you both need to have a clear picture of what you are both getting into. If it’s twa twa, make it clear. If you want a man to sire you a child, let it be known right from the start.


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