10 struggles of dating short men

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Kevin Hart and Eniko (Courtesy)

Let me start by saying that everyone is beautifully and wonderfully made and if you’re short, it’s okay. It doesn’t make you any less of a man. In fact, some of the most admired men out there fall in the short men category. Take for example, Messi, Kelvin Hart and Tom Cruise, who are all below 5’8; the average height that’s considered good enough. Many women prefer taller men, really not sure why height is such a big deal. That’s not to mean that as a short man you cannot find love. But you short men need to drop that short man syndrome. Matter of fact, y’all can be a pain in the ass and it’s kinda hard to date you. If you’re a woman who has dated a short man before, you can relate to these struggles.

1. First of all spooning is a lot of work.

You just can’t align properly in bed. The woman has to hold the man because if he holds you, his legs will be shorter than yours and that’s just not how spooning works.

2. As if that’s not enough, you have to bend lower to kiss him.

It’s almost like kissing a cute puppy. He has to tiptoe to reach you or you have to bend.

3. Some sex positions are not really for short guys.

Take for example standing positions. Lol!

4. You have to do the work of a man sometimes,

like change bulbs or reach for things in the cabinet because this king of yours is like a child and cannot reach them for you. Smh…yet they’ll still come at you with an attitude.

5. You find yourself feeling conscious about your height.

6. People can’t help staring at you.

If they see you holding hands, they will look at your feet first to see if you’re wearing heels or not. Can’t fathom why the hell you’re out there dating short men. Love guys, love…it makes people do crazy things!

7. Taking photos together is an extreme sport.

Selfies especially! Most of the times, you can't find angles that work, which can be tiring.

8. You have to compromise on your high heels.

You don’t want him feel self-conscious so you find yourself wearing kitten heels and ditching all your high heels. Short men should respect women.

9. He probably has short man syndrome.

Yes, it exists! Maybe a nasty ego! Trying to make up for what they don’t have.

10. People always ask how you ended up dating.

You find yourself justifying the relationship but deep down, your love is genuine, the dick is fire and you could care less about his height, your kafupii makes you happy and that’s all that matters.


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