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Things to consider when choosing a baby name

Planning on making a baby?

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Since there are way too many Jaydens and Liams, just like the Kevins and Brians of back in the day, we thought it might be great to give future moms and dads some great tips on choosing a baby name.

Not that Jayden and Liam are bad, but I wouldn’t want my child to have a super common name. If that floats your boat, do you boo. A name is important because not only does it give your child a sense of identity but he or she will also carry it forever so you definitely want to ensure that you give your kid a proper name and one that they will be proud of when they’re grown. There are a tone of places you can seek inspiration from when choosing a name, however, to help you narrow down your choices, consider these tips.

1. Keep the last name in mind.

This is so underrated but you should sometimes consider your child’s last name so that he/she can have a name that rhymes and doesn’t sound ambiguous to pronounce. A name like Kelly Kimani is a great match because it has a great flow. Get the drift?


2. If you cannot agree with your hubby, think of merging two names you like.

So, let’s say your hubby wants the name Joan and you want the name Peninah. How about you go with Joaninah? Unique and different. And not just in a situation where you cannot agree on a name with the hubby but also when you like two names at once, if they can be merged to form a name that’s decent, give it a try.

3. Sources of inspiration.

Like aforementioned, there are so many places where you can get inspiration for great baby names from, from movie characters to artistes, flowers, cartoon characters, names that mean God, beauty etc. Some families choose to keep the family legacy alive and you will find that all children must have one family name. It’s not a must though, you don’t want your child to be stuck with an Elizabethan name or if you like, an old name like Margaret or Martha and the likes. You could have it as the second name instead, if the tradition runs in your family.


4. Getting a unique name may be a great idea but do consider some things.

We gave you tips to consider when selecting a super unique name. Just make sure that it’s easy to pronounce and spell otherwise your child will forever have a hard name explaining himself or herself literally every time.

5. Might be important to know if there's a meaning behind the name.

I wouldn’t name my child after a hated dictator in the past for instance, cause, chances are, that name will be associate with that popular dictator for instance, like Adolf. Imagine naming your child Adolf...Also, overly common names should be avoided as you don’t want to be in a mall or playground and you lose your child then call out his or her name and ten other kids turn. And not just that but also in institutions, if the name is too popular, the child may have to be referred with other initials or in a certain way like Brian N Kimani if there are five other Brians. It’s good to be unique, don’t always go with the flow.


6. Keep the spelling simple.

The other day I met a service lady by the name Rorine and I couldn’t help but wonder if her name was misspelled. I have never heard of Rorine, it sounds odd. Lorrine, sure. So, keep the spelling simple, and easy to pronounce. 


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