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Revealed: Why beautiful Nairobi girls are joining criminal gangs

The death of Nairobi’s ‘prettiest gangster’, Clare Adi Vybez, shocked many as the question of why young girls are joining criminal gangs lingers around.

The death of Nairobi’s ‘prettiest gangster’, Claire Njoki, shocked many as the question of why young girls are joining criminal gangs lingers around.

Barely a week after Claire Njoki’s death, another gang member and Njoki’s best friend Marsha Minaj, was also shot dead by police.

The death of Claire Njoki and Marsha Minaj brought to light the all-girl crime group known as the Warembo Sacco known to terrorise the residents of Kayole, Dandora, Saika, Donholm and Umoja where most of their members come from.


Here are the alarming reasons as to why young girls are being lured into the life of crime.

Protection from sexual molestation

Young girls reportedly join gangs to protect themselves for sexual molestation which is prevalent in gang-stricken areas such as the slums within the country.

Allure of making quick money


The life of crime comes with certain benefits which is making quick money. With a lot of young girls today in constant search for a ‘materialistic’ life, it becomes easy to eat into their vulnerability and lure them into joining the gangs.

Gangs give young girls protection

By joining the gangs, the young girls receive protection from their gang members unaware that they now become a target for the police.

Once a part of the gang, the young girls start engaging in criminal activities such as stealing and terrorizing residents of their community.



The high level of unemployment among the youth leads to idleness which causes young girls to be lured into the world of crime.0

Feeling invincible

Only members of the gang are allowed to fraternize with each other which gives these girls a sense of invincibility. They feel they cannot be touched.


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