Surprise! Watching horror movies will help you burn calories

Science says the scarier the movie the more the calories burned.

According to a study by the University of Westminster, a horror movie burns about the same amount of calories in a small bar of chocolate.

The determining factor is the amount of scary in the film: "Shining" gets rid of 184 calories, "The White Shark" 161 and "The Exorcist" 158. In the horror film "[REC]" it is only 101 calories.

The study connects calorie loss to jump scares (shock) which increases the heart’s pulse rate. This in turn increases the production of adrenaline. This natural energy boost increases your metabolism and viola!

The secret to this phenomena is the scarier the movie the better the calorie burn.

The study also indicates that due to high levels of stress induced by horror film, one is bound to have less appetite.

And there’s more.

Horror movies not only aids in weight loss but helps to strengthen your immune system as well. As a US study found out, the scare also assists in the production of white blood cells, which are responsible for the defense against infections.

It’s also great for sex. Sociologist Margee Kerr told Time that horror movies also add to the mood. Kerr justified this amazing finding with the release of various hormones.

Okay, so maybe I need to reconsider my perception of horror movies. But it is best to omit the chips, because otherwise the whole effect is in vain.


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