6 photos you will never understand if you did not grow up in Kenya

Time for a bit of nostalgia

Kenyans growing up back in the day, 80s and 90s, can probably attest to the fact that those times brought about some timeless memories in their upbringing, though arguable.

The key to these fond memories was timelessness something that is very rare to capture these days.

Plive.co.ke combined a list of photos that bring back those fond nostalgic moments of growing up in Kenya.

1.Uhuru Park chronicles

Taking photos, boat rides and sun basking were and probably still are favorite past times for a lot of Kenyans.

The FOMO you would feel when you leave church and your friends tell you how they’re going to Uhuru Park and you were headed back home because the pastor was coming back home with you guys for lunch was a bit too real.

2.High school functions aka funkies

School functions aka funkies, were some of the fondest memories any Kenyan had.

From the long walks around the rugby field when a guy was trying to ingisha you box to the competition of which school’s bus was the fliest.

And the photos in front of the buses – good memories.


Kenyan adverts were the peak highlight of watching tv back in the day. They were fun, interactive and clearly timeless since we are still taking about them years later.

Who remembers the “mapua mapua” lady from that Omo advert

Or the Vicks Kingo guy that made us want to take Vicks Kingo for every illness.


Before KBS revamped to their swanky blue look, they used to rock the blue, red and orange stripes back in the day. And then those days bus fare wasn’t ridiculously priced like today; 5 bob was all you needed

5. 10 bob and 20 bob shilling notes

These notes made you feel so sophisticated when carrying money around instead of the jingles from the coins.


Sundays after church and everyday after school (at least for those that were in class six and below) were the best times to get these.


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