Love them or hate them matatus are here to stay - from the crazy ways they are driven to how they accidentally drop you off far away from your destination.

These are not the only irritating things about matatus however because some passengers can have some pretty annoying habits as well.

Here are some of them.

1.Checking other people’s texts

The text was not sent to the both of you so please, if you are one of these people, stop checking other people’s phones.

It is very annoying and invasive.


You might get into a matatu and the rice and beans you had for lunch seems to not be working out very well for you so you end up getting a bit gassy.

Now sometimes it’s not easy to hold it in and you just let it go. There those times however that honestly, some matatu passengers let go intentionally.

The worst part about this is it usually happens when it’s hot, the matatu is crowded and the person near the window refuses to open it because wakona shida ya kifua –sigh.

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3.Refusing to open the windows

Speaking of not opening windows, unless it’s raining, there is honestly no reason not to let some air into the matatu.

Opening the window is not even a matter of preference anymore, it can actually be a health hazard. TB is airborne and you can easily contract it if an infected person coughs or sneezes near you especially in an overcrowded space.

4.Squeezing other passengers when there is more than enough space

Have you ever sat next to the window seat in a matatu and someone comes to seat next to you and takes up not only his but half of your seat as well as if they were planning on paying for half of your fare – not cool.

5.Speaking loudly on the phone

Not everyone needs to know about how your wife did not cook for you the previous night or about your money troubles with your employer. Those are private matters so kindly keep them to yourself.


Everyone must have experienced this at least once in a matatu.

7.Sleeping on your neighbour

We get it, you have had a long day but my shoulder is not your pillow.

8.Conductor switching up the price when you get into the matatu

Before you get into the matatu it was 40 bob until town, when he’s collecting money it’s suddenly 60 bob – why?