Billionaire Buzeki conned me Sh200million - 78 yr old Widow reveals

Buzeki, Youngest billionaire in trouble of conning an old woman.

Buzeki as he is popularly known has been accused by an ailing 78-year-old widow of conning her Sh200 million.

Pauline Jepketer Cherop who hails from Eldoret says she has known the billionaire since he was a small kid, their business paths however crossed  in 2012 when her husband died and she agreed to sell her husband’s estates, valued at nearly Sh200 million, to Buzeki.

“He is a boy I saw walking around naked and ate in my house. Nilimpanguza makamasi mapua. I knew he was crafty as a little boy, but I thought he would change when he grows up. Clearly, I was wrong,” says Jepketer.

She added; “Buzeki then gave me cheques totaling Sh12 million, and I gave out the title deed to the land. A week later, my bank notified me that all the cheques had bounced,” a teary Jepketer said.

Realizing that she was going to lose her land if she didn’t act fast, she had already surrendered the title deed to Buzeki’s lawyers, Kipkenda and Company Advocates.  Cherop made an effort to get in touch with the Buzeki with no success.

“I quickly looked for Buzeki who said he no longer wanted the land and told me that his lawyer will return my title deed. That was seven years ago, and to date, I have never received my title back. They are just taking me round in circles.”

The window adds that she has spent  over Sh12 million, paying lawyers to help her get the title deed back from Buzeki with no success.

“I am old and tired. I cry every night, wishing my husband was around to deal with this little boy,” weeps Jepketer.

Buzeki however denies trying to grab a Sh200 million piece of land from Jepketer and calls her a liar.

“It was a business transaction and so much was involved. I can authoritatively tell you that she owes me Sh43 million and the land issue is just one of the many dealings my company had with her. The matter is active before the courts and I don’t want to talk about it, but she should tell the truth about the matter instead of maligning my name,” Buzeki states.

He further adds that it is all a smear campaign by his political opponents.

“People can say all manner of things, but business is business, and no one goes into business to lose money. When people disagree, it doesn’t mean one is being conned, it simply means something didn’t work out and there are proper procedures and systems to sort out such issues,”

Bank statements obtained by a local daily for the period between May and August 2013, shows indeed the cheques signed by Buzeki bounced.


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