10 things that will get you arrested on August 8

On the D-day ignorance will not be a defense...


On the D-day ignorance will not be a defense, therefore, Plive.co.ke gathered some crimes that could land Kenyans behind bars.

Going through the Elections Act there are several offenses that can cost you to fines amounting to millions or several years in jail.

Here are ten of them:

1. When voting make sure that the only thing you put inside the ballot box is a ballot paper. Any strange material could land you in trouble with authorities.

2. At the polling station ensure that the only ballot paper you mark is your own. Putting a mark on someone else’s ballot paper is an offense.

3. Voting is a serious process, therefore, do not try to pretend that you are unable to read or write so as to be assisted. This will also put you in serious problems.

4. Also, never pretend that you are visually impaired or suffering from any other disability – this is especially directed to people who do not want to queue and will try to use any excuse to avoid it.

5. You only vote once. Do not head to the polling station for a second round to try and increase the numbers of your favorite candidate.

6. Employers, do not restrict your employees from going to vote. Doing so could cost you a whopping Sh1 million or 6 years in jail.

7. Do not intimidate or coerce a voter to tell you the candidates he/she voted for during the secret ballot.

8. For those who want to protect the votes of their leaders, it will be counted an offense if you refuse to vacate an election counting area or any area designated by IEBC for electoral purposes.

9. If you know you have been blocked from participating in the Election because of a previous offense please stay away from any polling station.

10. Finally, do not engage in any violence or use of abusive language that could cause incitement as this will also land you in jail.

The above offenses may see you serve 3-6years in jail or get slapped with a fine worth millions of shillings.


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