Moi re-admitted at Nairobi Hospital days after he was discharged

Nairobi Hospital has set up special room for Mzee Moi

Ex-President Daniel Arap Moi re-admitted at Nairobi Hospital days after he was discharged

Kenya's second President Mzee Daniel Arap Moi has been re-admitted to Nairobi Hospital, his communication liaison Mr Lee Njiru confirmed.

Njiru stated that the former President has been receiving daily check-ups since Saturday and doctors recommended admission to further facilitate his treatment.

"I appeal to the press fraternity not to cause unwarranted alarm by exploiting the credulity of the masses," Mr Njiru told reporters.

VIP ward, homely setup for Mzee Moi at Nairobi Hospital

He further outlined that the facility had set up a special room for the former president in its VIP wing where he will continue to undergo the routine check-ups and treatment.

He described the room setup as "homely" indicating a relaxed and customized setting to make the Nyayo era ruler more comfortable.

The detail could also indicate that the family and the ex-president's medical team anticipate a prolonged stay at the prime medical facility.

Mzee Moi had been discharged from the same hospital last Thursday after staying at the hospital for close to two weeks.

He was rushed to the facility with what the family has termed as breathing complications.

The former president has been in and out of Nairobi Hospital for the past two months with his family maintaining that they are all routine check-ups.


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